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Made To Last.
The Original Outdoor Fabric.

Pemberton Bag Company is all about making things that last.  While new technical fabrics are being made all the time to contend with harsh weather conditions, oilcloth still holds a place as the original – and perhaps most versatile.  Oilcloth fabric was first made in the 15th century when Scottish fishermen discovered that their canvas sails caught the wind more efficiently when impregnated with linseed oil. And when the sail would come to the end of its life, they would recycle it into weather-resistant garments to wear while at sea.  Eventually, the practice became more widespread and the proofing perfected. Today, the best oilskin is still made in the UK – which is where our range is produced, by Merchant and Mills.

Using organic cotton  made in Turkey and spun in Pakistan, the cloth is densely woven and processed to make it thirsty for the coating, and then submerged into a bath of wax. The oilcloth is made water resistant from the coating itself, naturally repelling water.
Over time and use, the fabric will develop a history of its own. It will mark easily – crackling and creasing to give the cloth a more casual look, completely unique to how you wear it in.
I Make bags for the outdoor adventurous soul.
"Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity"
Vivienne Westwood. 

The Collection 
All bags are made to order.  Fill out form at the bottom of the page to order your bag. 


Thank you for your order inquiry. Nina

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